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Publicity Request Form

Keep us informed!

Publicity is important to the success of both your work and the reputation of the University. Obtaining positive publicity, however, is almost always the result of being proactive.

Please use this form to alert the marketing and communications department about research you are involved with; awards and/or grants received; honors, conferences hosted, academic competition, papers and/or books published, key speaking engagements; or other topics that you feel are newsworthy.

We will, of course, follow up with you to get in-depth information for the article. Please call Director of Media Relations Michael Griffin, 268-6716, with any questions you may have.

You may choose to fill out and submit the form online or download it in either Microsoft Word (31k) or Adobe Document (73k) format to submit via campus mail.

Name of person completing this form?

Name of person(s) doing research, hosting event, receiving award, attending conference, receiving recognition?

What is the name of the research, event, award, conference, or recognition?

What are the dates of the event, award, or recognition?

The name, title and department of the person(s) making news?

Why is this research, award, event, competition, or recognition of significant news value? (briefly describe project, providing key points, significance in your field and other possible well-known recipients.)

If this is a grant or award, what is the total dollar value?
Over how many years?
How is the grant/award money to be used?

Total Dollar Value
How many years
How will the money be used

Are photos available, or can they be taken?

In addition to yourself, are there others we should talk to? (If so, please give name and contact information.)

In addition to the media we will target, to what professional and corporate publications, alumni magazines, and hometown newspapers should we submit the news story?

If this is a grant, Please cut and paste your abstract into this form. If the abstract is not available, please provide a 200-300 word summary of the grant research.

Please list any additional information you feel we should be aware of: